Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: April 27

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: April 27

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The Lord preserveth the simple.”


Saul’s fierce enmity was a sore trial to David, but the Lord found him a solace even in the kings family, for both his eldest son Jonathan and his daughter Michal loved David.


Yet Jonathan knew that David was to be king, and that he himself would never wear the crown. His was disinterested affection, most beautiful to witness. Such ought to be our love for Jesus; we should be knit to him in bonds of purest love.


Thus should we delight to strip ourselves for Jesus. Let him have all, for he deserves all.

1Sa_19:1; 1Sa_19:4-18


He was now worse than ever, or he would not have spoken to others to aid him in a dastardly murder. When God leaves a man, the devil comes to him.


Thus Jonathan proved himself a real friend. We ought always to be ready to speak up for those who are falsely condemned.


Little however did his oath bind him. He was never in a good frame of mind long together. Envy cannot be quiet.


Not a single shaft can hit

Till the God of love thinks fit.”

We are safe anywhere while the Lord has work for us to do. Be it ours to live with the harp in our hand, praising God and blessing our fellowmen, and we shall be preserved from the javelins of our foes.


We cannot admire Michal’s deceit, nor yet her having idols in her house. She was Saul’s daughter, and came of a bad stock. The Lord, however, overruled her love for David, so that the persecuted one escaped. God will preserve his own.


God is my defence.”

Psalms 59

This Psalm is entitled “A golden Psalm of David, when Saul sent, and they watched the house to kill him.”


They were all round the house armed with the royal warrant and with a sufficient force to seize him, yet he had faith enough to pray and not to give up in despair, God has ways of escape for his birds of paradise, even when the fowler’s nets are most cunningly spread.


When a habitation is beset by thieves, the good man of the house rings the alarm bell, and in these verses we hear it sounding aloud, “deliver me,” “defend me,” “deliver me,” “save me.” David could not fall by Saul’s hand while he prayed in this fashion.


Be merciful to them as men, but not as transgressors, for mercy to such criminals would be cruelty to the inoffensive.


None are so utterly brutal and abandoned as those who think that God has deserted the world, and no longer takes notice of the words and actions of men.


Is my persecutor strong? Then, my God, for this very reason I will turn myself to thee, and leave my matters in. thy hand. It is our wisdom to see in the greatness of our difficulties a reason for casting ourselves upon the Lord.


Enemies help to keep God’s servants awake, therefore let them live, but let them have no power to do such evil as they desire.


Swearers are generally liars.


David speaks as a prophet, and not as a man of vindictive spirit seeking revenge; this was very far from being his character, for when his enemies were in his power he often spared them, taking no vengeance upon them but the sacred one of heaping coals of fire upon their heads by his kindness. These passages may be read as predictions rather than as wishes.


David felt sure of escaping, for he believed that God regarded prayer; and therefore he began to sing unto his deliverer. This was no easy task. How should we have acted under the circumstances? Furious murderers were in the street around the house, thirsting for the good mans blood, and yet his faith enabled him to sing praises to God. O for the like confidence!

Thou’rt my rock and my defence;

Thou a tower unto Thy saints;

Thee I make my confidence,

Thee I’ll trust, though nature faints.

Glad thy mercies will I sing,

All thy power and love confess;

Thou hast been, O heavenly King,

My safe refuge in distress!