Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: April 29

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: April 29

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What time I am afraid I will trust in Thee.”


After David had obtained food from the priests, he fled from the country in fear.


It has an evil look for an Israelite to flee to the Philistines. It was sure to bring the man of God into trouble, to associate with the heathen.


David escaped, but by a very humiliating and unsatisfactory stratagem. When we leave the plain path of faith, there is no telling what shifts we may be put to. How truthful is the Holy Ghost in thus recording the errors of the man after God’s own heart: let us take warning.

In the book of Psalms we find a memorial of David’s peril and deliverance.

Psalms 56

To the chief Musician upon Jonath-elem-rechokim, or the silent dove among strangers Michtara of David, when the Philistines took him in Gath.


Saul was always hunting after his life. David told his grief to his Lord, which was a far better method than running to Achish. His narrow escape had taught him wisdom.


Those who trust in God when they are afraid, will soon learn to trust and not be afraid. To trust when there is no cause for fear is but the name of faith; but to be reliant upon God in real danger is the faith of God’s elect.


Faith, though it may grow dim in a believer, burns up again. See how strong David’s trust in God became.


He had been afraid, and therefore he redoubles his resolution to trust in the Lord for the future. Good men see their faults and avoid them.


He had probably made a solemn vow in the time of his peril, and now he owns it. We ought to be true to all the resolves which we have made before the Lord. His Spirit will kelp us in this.


He saw that he had fallen, and this led him to seek for upholding grace. Let us now confess our own failings, and beseech the Lord to deliver our feet from falling in the future.

God counts the sorrows of his saints,

Their groans affect his ears;

Thou hast a book for my complaints,

A bottle for my tears.

When to thy throne I raise my cry,

The wicked fear and flee:

So swift is prayer to reach the sky;

So near is God to me.

In thee, most holy, just and true,

I have reposed my trust;

Nor will I fear what man can do,

The offspring of the dust.


Keep thy tongue from evil.”

Psalms 34


This is the only kind of boasting which humble people can endure to hear. We may boast in the Lord as much as we can, and neither exceed the bounds of truth, nor cause anyone a moment’s pain. Have we not cause to boast in the Lord? Let us not rob him of glory.


This shall be our experience if we put the Lord to the same test. Why then do we indulge our fears when prayer is a sure remedy for them. Have we any troubles at this time? Let us tell them all to our heavenly Father.


Not only David but all others who have looked to the Lord have found help.


He describes himself as a poor man, and so he was, for he was driven from home and country. His prayer was only a cry, yet the Lord answered him, and all his troubles vanished. Let the poor in spirit, and the poor in pocket, try the psalmist’s plan, and they will soon sing as he did.


No one knows how sweet honey is till he tastes it, and even so the sweetness of true religion cannot be learned by mere hearing, we must try it for ourselves. O Lord, help all in this family to prove the power of faith in Jesus, and the efficacy of prayer to God for themselves.


Lions’ are strong, fierce, and crafty, yet they hunger; men of the world are also very cunning and full of self-confidence, yet they are not satisfied. But humble believers, though often weak, and in the world’s judgment, very foolish, are yet blessed with every needful blessing by their gracious God.


The very children in the streets of Gath had laughed at David, therefore when he came back again to his own people, he desired to do good to the little ones, and so make amends for some of the mischief he had done.


Seek after peace, and if it flies from you, follow it up; be zealous to promote love all around you. It is the way to live happily.


What a blessing to have a tender sense of sin. We have heard of persons dying of a broken heart, but if repentance breaks our hearts we shall live eternally.


Faith is the great matter. To trust the Lord is the one important point. Beloved ones, are we all trusting in the Lord? The Lord lead us all to do so at this very hour. It would be dreadful indeed to die in unbelief.