Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: September 24

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: September 24

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The kingdom of God is within you.”



This is a most encouraging fact. If Jesus cures multitudes why should he not save each one of us? Why should we not cry to him for help, and expect to receive it? The healing virtue in Jesus is not diminished: seek it, and it will be freely given.



They looked for an outward reign, as many do still, and so they missed the glory of the inward spiritual kingdom. Outward pomp and show in religion are still the main things with many, but they forget the words before us; “Behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”


No doubt many a time the apostles said, “Would God our Lord were here,” especially in those dark days when the Romans compassed the city.


There will be no need of inquiries then. His coming will be plain to all. Yet there was need of this caution, for in all ages deceivers have risen up, and have misled many by prophecies concerning the second advent. Vain dreamers of ten go insane upon this matter.


The most valued properly must be sacrificed to save life. Loitering has cost many a man his soul.


She looked, she longed, she lingered, and she died, yet she was Lot’s wife, and was on the way to escape. Alas, how many arc near to salvation and yet perish. This little verse should be often before our eyes.


Those who die for Christ’s sake have saved their lives, and those who are cowards and deny their Lord to escape from death have in the highest sense lost life.


When the Romans came only a few escaped, and so even now death finds many unprepared. Families will not be saved in the bulk. True religion is a personal matter; one by faith will live, and another will perish in unbelief. Who among us will escape from hell when the Lord shall summon us to judgment?


The first fulfilment of this prophecy was at the siege of Jerusalem, when the Roman eagles gathered around the dead body of the Jewish state. Then did the Lord come forth to punish impenitent Israel, and then his disciples, being warned, fled in haste from the condemned city. Never, however, let vs forget that his great coming is yet future, and that zee ought to be hourly prepared for it.


Suffer the little children to come unto me.”



No doubt their mothers rightly judged that the Saviour’s blessing would in the best sense enrich their children, and conduce to their future happiness, and so they led their boys and girls to him. The disciples thought that he would be annoyed with the little ones, but they did not know what a kind heart he had. No fathers or mothers should think their children too little to be converted. While they are boys and girls, Jesus can bless them.


We do not often find him much displeased, and therefore we may learn that to discmirage a child from coming to Jesus is beyond all other things displeasing to him.


We must possess the simplicity, teachableness, and trustfulness of children, or else grace is not in us. Like them also we must be free from avarice and ambition.


The tenderness of Jesus to the little ones proved him to be the Messiah, for we read—

Psalms 128

Now that we have before us this choice act of Jesus’ love in receiving children, let us pray that all in this house may be blessed of him, and that the children may be saved while yet young. Have we not the promise of it? Is not the promise to us and to our children? For our encouragement let us read and pray over—

Full of love was Jesus found

To the little ones around;

And his tender, loving eye

Would not pass an infant by.

When the young to him were led,

Gracious gentle words he said;

While he took them up and smiled

Kindly on each little child.

“Let the young ones come to me,

And forbid them not,” said he;

“Many such, in heaven above,

Dwell with God and share his love.”